Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grabby Grabber post pics

Sorry. I cant figure out what happened to the pics in the original post so here they are. GGRRRR! Picasa!

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Grabby Grabber

I grabbed the camera and forced myself one night to snap some pics of the little man. I never think about it and he is growing so fast I need to be better at capturing his sweet little face .

He is starting to grab things. You can see by his outreached hands he was going for my camera. Such a little technology lover.

He is finally getting little fuz on his big noggin and I am going bald. What is wrong with that scenario? I hate this part of Post partem. It is so thin around the temples of my head and the nastiness in my shower drain??--------sick and wrong. I was trying to make a mustache for Judsons class presentaion and my smart-alec little 13 year old told me to "just get the hair from the drain in your shower" Funny boy.

Well it is noon and I must hit the shower, while Greyson is sleeping.

PS It is already time for my annual girls trip. 1 week today and I am so ready. I am in need of girl time. So excited. Chris left me last weekend alone with the kids while he went golfing, so I figure if I can do it, he can do it....... :)