Friday, July 09, 2010

9 months!!
Is he really 9 months already? I cant belive how fast time has flown by.
This little guy just makes my heart melt. I know that sounds so corny but is true.
I took some pics of him doing his favorite things: Sucking on his pacifier, smiling a cheesy grin, hanging with his brothers, and watching his favorite show, Team Umizoomi.
Greyson is a really good baby too. We just still need to work on the sleeping through the night thingy.
This little sweetie almost makes me want another one.........ALMOST!!!!!!! :)
Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Monday, June 07, 2010

So what once was these first 2 photos, now are the last 2 photos. With the rising temps this past few days, has brought down alot of snow to our little "creek" which is now a river!

It was quite the action last night and today. All of the neighborhood were out sandbagging homes, chunks of yards being swept away. There is even a house around the corner that is in serious danger of being ruined. If the creek rises anymore it is toast.

This creek is across the street from my house. It has been a fear of mine since we moved here and now it is scaring the crud out of me. Luckily I have scared the crud out of my kids and they are pretty aware of the dangers and stay away. It even overflowed into the middle of my street last night. We have had crews out and a bulldozor going non stop since last night pulling HUGE logs out of the creek so it doesnt clog the drainage gate. Good times.

Anyone want to go river rafting?????????")

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

While the cats are away on their LOOOOVVE Vacation, the first born mouse TOTALS A CAR!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it? Less then 2 weeks after getting his DL he got into an "altercation" with a pole. Darn pole! Hate it when that happens.
Luckily he was not hurt, but will be on a driving timeout to learn a couple lessons. Poor guy. Just when I was kind of liking the fact that I had 1 less school pick up.

On another note, Dallin is done with his Eagle project. I am so proud of him. He really kicked butt to get it all done, and he did it all pretty much on his own. 1 down and 6 to go!! UGGGG!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Here are the pics from the previous post. Blogger and Picassa hate me!! ")
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Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I know! 2 posts in 1 day! I must be changing my slacker ways. Nah! Doubt it.
So last week I was able to meet up with new Brooke and Camille for a yummy dinner. We ate at at......oh I am having a brain fart and cant remember off the top of my head but it was in Bountiful and so good!

We had a great time. Camille was in town from Reno for a wedding. It was so good to catch up with these girls.
Brooke just had a baby a few weeks ago and was escaping without the little man. I am sure she enjoyed her "time out" hehe

Thank you girls for a fun and very fattening night. I am sure I will remeber the name of the restaurant as soon as I hit "post" :)

This is what I got to see when I woke this little man up in the morning. He was swollen and puffy and looked like hell. It turns out he had some allergic reaction to something. He looks miserable , but you would never have known he was all gnarly looking by the way he was acting. He was his normal 3 year old self!! :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grabby Grabber post pics

Sorry. I cant figure out what happened to the pics in the original post so here they are. GGRRRR! Picasa!

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Grabby Grabber

I grabbed the camera and forced myself one night to snap some pics of the little man. I never think about it and he is growing so fast I need to be better at capturing his sweet little face .

He is starting to grab things. You can see by his outreached hands he was going for my camera. Such a little technology lover.

He is finally getting little fuz on his big noggin and I am going bald. What is wrong with that scenario? I hate this part of Post partem. It is so thin around the temples of my head and the nastiness in my shower drain??--------sick and wrong. I was trying to make a mustache for Judsons class presentaion and my smart-alec little 13 year old told me to "just get the hair from the drain in your shower" Funny boy.

Well it is noon and I must hit the shower, while Greyson is sleeping.

PS It is already time for my annual girls trip. 1 week today and I am so ready. I am in need of girl time. So excited. Chris left me last weekend alone with the kids while he went golfing, so I figure if I can do it, he can do it....... :)

Monday, January 11, 2010


Here is a picture of our house guests for New Years. We had so much fun. We had my brother and his cute family, my mom and dad, and my sister and her girls come for New Years this year. It was cold, snowy, but we had a great time staying up way too freakin late and ate way too much junk. Good times!

The pic is of my brother blowing out his candles. He drove up 6 hours on his bday to visit us, so I had to make Maressas yummy chocolate cake with Oreo Frosting! I am sure it made the trip worth while. ")

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A few Christmas Pics................................

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I turned OLDDDDDDD! :)
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