Monday, June 07, 2010

So what once was these first 2 photos, now are the last 2 photos. With the rising temps this past few days, has brought down alot of snow to our little "creek" which is now a river!

It was quite the action last night and today. All of the neighborhood were out sandbagging homes, chunks of yards being swept away. There is even a house around the corner that is in serious danger of being ruined. If the creek rises anymore it is toast.

This creek is across the street from my house. It has been a fear of mine since we moved here and now it is scaring the crud out of me. Luckily I have scared the crud out of my kids and they are pretty aware of the dangers and stay away. It even overflowed into the middle of my street last night. We have had crews out and a bulldozor going non stop since last night pulling HUGE logs out of the creek so it doesnt clog the drainage gate. Good times.

Anyone want to go river rafting?????????")

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